Breach Watch

Go Green ... So you can go home

Enterprise threat simulation is more important than ever before. Why? You must continually validate and test your cyber security people, process, and tools.  Utilizing our managed service platform your organization will reach their security goals, so you can go green and go home!

Our unique Breach Watch service platform enables you to continuously measure your cyber security ROI, giving you deep insight into just how well your investments in cyber security products, policies and people are protecting your enterprise.


- Continuous network attack simulation
- On-Demand network attack simulation
- Detailed reports and analysis of simulations
- Bot beaconing to command and control servers
- Lateral scans which simulate attackers pivoting throughout compromised networks
- Egress scans which simulate attackers finding available outbound ports
- Sending suspicious executables through networks to end points
- Identify outbound connections and how they can occur
- MD5 and SHA1 hashes of all files that traverse the network

Some Recommended Sectors


Pharmaceuticals/ biotech

Financial services